Instant Rewards for your users

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Codemojo offers white-labelled, plug & play components that can be easily integrated with your existing and new mobile apps & websites in under 10 lines and 10 minutes. Trusted by top brands across the world, a single time integration of Codemojo's fully managed services like Referral, Loyalty, Gamification & Rewards wallet ensures you have all the necessary tools to engage & retain your customers through multiple ways.

rewards mojo

A new channel for developers to monetize and engage their users with real world rewards like coupons & vouchers from premium brands against milestones completed within their app.
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referral mojo

Word of mouth marketing from friends is 92% more effective than any other marketing. Make the most of your existing client base with our referral engine to acquire new users.
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loyalty mojo

Your loyal top 10% have the potential to spend 3x more than any other customers. With our loyalty component, you are just once click away from treating them special.
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gamification mojo

Increase your customer engagement by 68% with our gamification component. Motivate & drive your customers towards predefined milestones by rewarding actions.
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The only sustainable competitive advantage is knowledge and engagement with customers

Increase User Engagement


Gamification has show to increase Online customer activity by 68% and social sharing jumps by 22%.

  • Award points for different activities performed by a user in the app
  • Make any action such  Upload content, Like , comment, rate, share, nth View, time spent etc
  • Let you customer unlock badges on select achievements

Acquire new Users


Word of mouth marketing is 92% more effective that any other form of marketing

  • Benefit from your existing user base and gain more members by rewarding referrals
  • Reward genuine successful referrals based on installs or purchases
  • Run special referral campaigns like rewarding maximum referrals

Repeat transactions


Your loyal top 10% spend 3 times more than the rest of your customers

  • Award cashback based on % of transaction value
  • Set Tier levels (ex. Silver, Gold, Platinum etc) with specific benefits
  • Set limits on points earned & redeemed
  • Run & analyse marketing campaigns

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