Engagement hacks to Reduce Uninstall rate & Increase Revisits

Gamify user engagement with points

  • Reward points for specific activities (ex. Share, Like, Comment, Feedback etc..)
  • Award Virtual Badges & Level ups
  • Enable redemptions for in-house services

Loyalty & engagement with cashback

  • Award cashback based on % of transaction value
  • Set tier levels (ex. Silver, Gold, Platinum etc) with specific benefits
  • Promote app usage with platform specific benefits
  • Set limits on points earned & redeemed
  • Run & analyse marketing campaigns
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White labelled Rewards Wallet

  • Independent Transactional & Promotional credits
  • Capture refunds as transactional credits to reduce bounce
  • Set per transaction validity
  • Custom currency titles (Points / Miles / Beans / $ etc..)
  • Granular audit & tracking

Easy to integrate in just ‘10 lines & 10 minutes’ of code

Works on all devices

Power your marketing campaigns today

Step beyond plain coupon code with promotional credits to increase user Life Time Value. Users with positive wallet balance are 60% more likely to transact.
Reduce development time

Move from Pipeline to Production

All our components are fully managed & production ready out of the box. By using CodeMojo you can cut time & cost on the tedious process of designing, developing, managing & scaling the component
How it works?

How it works?

  1. Register your account & login to the dashboard
  2. Activate & configure services
  3. Download the SDK / use our APIs
Loved & trusted by developers worldwide

Pay as you grow

Free upto 4k Wallet activations

  • 20K Wallets
  • White labelled
  • Email support
  • 24 hrs resolve time
  • 100K Wallets
  • White labelled
  • Email support
  • 24 hrs resolve time
  • 500K Wallets
  • White labelled
  • Email & Phone support
  • Priority resolution
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  • 500K & up
  • White labelled
  • Email & Phone support
  • Priority resolution

+ Number of accounts that have been activated. This is different from number of active users. For example, you may have 100K active users but only 30K users who have actually used your service/transaction & have their wallets activated as a result

* Please contact us to get the exact pricing for your business

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