Ask Science, he talks Science! Ask technology, he shoots back with incredible replies. He is the Jack of all trades; a person who sets the place ablaze with his witty conversation and the one who is known for his unparalleled thinking and churning ideas. Set your sleeves up and wave a big hi to the Co-Founder of Codemojo, Vijay. Known for his eccentricity and an impressive way of directing his team with full zest and zeal, he sets a perfect example as an efficient leader. With years of expertise in sales, he fuels the company with robust and long lasting vision.


A happy-go lucky person, whose joy and enthusiasm are very contagious. Meet the man of excellence and calmness, the Co-Founder of Codemojo, Shoaib. Being the mastermind of Codemojo, he identifies the talent of his team members and ignites the spark with his statute comments. He churns the cauldron of positivity by adding slices of his experience and exciting ideas to come out with an innovative potion. Being an ardent gamer, he keeps taking up challenges and execute them perfectly. Also, his immense knowledge in knowing about gadgets and experimenting with radical ideas keep Codemojo young and energetic always.


Her routine errands revolve around, digits, targets, facts and figures, yet she is fun-loving, has a pleasing persona and a person who is known for the right choice of words. Meet the charming and charismatic Sales Head of Codemojo, Munmun. The fuming passion for her profession and perseverance to learn more are her wonderful traits that stir the exuberance of the team members. Her approach towards anything is humane, revered and scintillating. With years of laudable expertise in sales, she never seizes to knock on any door of opportunity. And to top it all, she takes of every single team member with unconditional care and holds the team strong with such ease and flair.

Abhishek Tiwari

Man of few words? Check. Codes 24*7? Check. Young and Dynamic? Check. Meet Abhishek Tiwari, the hardworking Full Stack Developer of Codemojo. This passionate chap has the ability to translate the ideas of Codemojo through his codes. Having known for his sound technological knowledge, he is the ‘Geek God’ of our abode. With his witty coding style, he binds the virtual world within his fist. His idea of life extends to explore and improve his forte and devour the best of North Indian delicacies.


With few scoops of creativity and metaphors, she creates a slice of life that resonates with human emotions through words. Meet Codemojo’s Content Writer, Varalakshmi, whose words speak more than her. Apart from blogging, she pens down a lot of flash fictions, poems and tiny tales, when she is left alone with pen and paper. She likes to travel with the flow of life and take deep dives to make herself acquainted with something new. Having been new to the geek world, she keeps exploring new avenues to keep herself updated. She is a prudent writer and an avid reader, who always looks up to grab something creative and interesting.


He is the man of strategy and governs satire with the whims of puns and sarcasm. Wave a Hi to the epitome of simplicity, Ravi, Product Manager of Codemojo. Known for his individuality and excellent road mapping skills, he sets a unique standard for himself with innovative product ideas. Albeit being a man of few words, he continues to motivate the entire team with his amazing work style. His hardworking nature ignites the team’s passion fire. Despite holding years of experience in his field, he never holds back to learn things that come his way.


Need for speed? Well, then say hello to Deepak, Codemojo’s Key Account Manager. He is a multi-talented young chap, who does and understand things in Good speed and fetish for speed, for he is an ardent bike rider. Alongside that, he is client-friendly and most importantly an amazing team player. His sense of knowledge to explore new things is commendable. He has extended his talent territory in beat boxing and sketching. His sets of interests include travelling and volunteering NGOs. Having a decent foundation in the field of Psychology, he has an appreciable knack to strategically build the wall of understanding.